Farm to table
Farm to table
Farm to table
Νο1 Moussaka in Malia, by restaurantguru
Νο1 Moussaka in Malia, by restaurantguru

Avli in Malia Restaurant Guru 2022 We joyfully received this latest award and we feel honoured! Moussaka is a classic greek dish, a light mixture of aubergines, courgettes and potatoes, with minced beef sauce covered with Bechamel sauce. If you haven’t tried it yet, you suggest you should!    

Νο1 Moussaka in Malia, by restaurantguru
Selected dishes with organic ingredients
Selected dishes with organic ingredients

  FOR A LIMITED PERIOD WE ADDED TO OUR MENU DISHES THAT ALLOW US TO USE INGREDIENTS COMING FROM OUR GARDEN   ‘Dolmadakia’ With aromatic yoghurt dip € 4,80 ‘Kolokithanthi’ Stuffed zucchini flowers filled with a blend of local cheeses and basil. Deep fried in a crispy batter. € 5,00 Stuffed ‘kadaifi’ Shredded pastry (kadaifi) Διαβάστε περισσότερα για Selected dishes with organic ingredients[…]

Selected dishes with organic ingredients
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With the scent of Crete

Traditional Cretan cuisine,
with quality ingredients from our region,
some of our own production,
cooked with respect and passion to highlight their delicacy and nutritional value.

and the flavours of Greece

We search for local products
everywhere in Greece,
treating them as
the best gifts in our country,
which we cook with love
in order to show their flavour and quality.

cretan herbs

|| ΤΟ ΜΕΝΟΥ ΜΑΣ || Σιγοψημένο μοσχάρι με μελιτζάνες στον ξυλόφουρνο, χοιρινό κότσι με σκιουφικτά μακαρόνια αλλά και σολωμός με σάλτσα φράουλας είναι κάποια ενδεικτικά πιάτα από το ευρύ μενού μας το οποίο εναλλάσεται με βάση την εποχικότητα των προιόντων...

Malia in Crete

Malia is a small town in the Heraklion prefecture. It is well-known for its horticultural products, its picturesque windmills, the wetland with rare flora and fauna, and the clean beaches with clear blue waters. Malia is also well-known for the Minoan palace of King Sarpedon, son of Zeus and Europe, which is one of the Read more about Malia in Crete[…]

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