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    • House specialities

    • ‘Skioufihta’, traditional homemade pasta

      Local handmade pasta with apaki, eggplant and pine nuts in tomato and basil sauce, topped with grated local Manouri cheese.
      VEGETARIAN OPTION available (without apaki)

      local product

    • Salmon pasta

      Salmon pasta

      Fresh salmon cooked in cherry tomato, spinach, yoghurt and dill sauce, tossed with linguini pasta.

    • Mushroom chicken

      Chicken breast chunks sauteed with fresh mushrooms and mustard sauce. Served with out hand cut chunky chips.

    • AVLI chicken

      Chicken breasts filled and rolled with spinach, cream cheese and Cyprian Lountza (cured pork tenderloin), cooked in white wine sauce and served with oven baked potatoes and grilled veg.

    • Stuffed pork tenderloin

      Cooked in local red wine sauce with plums and stuffed with Talagani cheese. Served on mash potato and grilled vegetables.

    • Salmon steak

      Salmon steak

      Fresh salmon cooked in strawberry, honey and lemon sauce. Accompanied with steamed seasonal vegetables.

    • stuffed Tsipoura (sea bream)

      Fennel, celery, and carrots, among fresh sea bream fillets, tied in spring onions and served on mashed celeriac.

    • Pepper steak

      Tender, 8oz. beef steak sauteed with mixed peppers and finished with Mavrodafni sweet wine. Served with fresh mashed potatoes.

    • from our wood oven

    • από τον ξυλόφουρνο

    • Gigantes

      Giant white beans baked in our wood oven, in a tomato sauce with celery, carrots and red peppers.

    • Mousakas


      Traditional Greek dish with layers of sliced potatoes, aubergines, squash and fresh minced beef topped with bechamel cream. Served with mini Greek salad.

    • Beef in gastra

      Tender chunks of beef cooked traditionally in ceramic pot with tomato sauce, aubergines and feta cheese. Served with oven baked potatoes.

    • Lamb “kleftiko”

      Lamb “kleftiko”

      The famous Greek classic. Slow roasted fresh lamb with garlic, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and feta cheese.

      local product


    • Pork shank (for 2)

      Pork shank (for 2)

      Marinated and slow cooked in tomato sauce accompanied with handmade Cretan pasta and topped with grated Manouri cheese.

    • from the grill

    • grill
    • Biftekara, the big burger

      Greek style mega meat patty 250gr. made of 100% fresh minced beef and stuffed with Metsovone smoked cheese. Served with spicy sauce made of fresh red peppers.

    • Stuffed pork chop

      Large pork chop with the bone stuffed with local Gruyere cheese & sundried tomato and accompanied with mustard dip.

    • Souvlaki (700 gr)

      The famous Greek dish with marinated chunks of chicken or pork, skewered with tomatoes, onions and peppers. Served with warm pita bread and spicy sauce made of fresh red pepper.

    • Mosharisia (10oz. Sirloin steak)

      Tender sirloin steak cooked as you like it and finished with fresh herbs aromatic butter.

    • Aged Ribeye Steak

      Home dry aged Ribeye, full of flavour and very tender.

    • Beers

    • draught beer

       GreekLager - 5% vol.

      available in 250ml and 400ml glass


      Bottled beers


      Greek Lager
      330ml - 5% vol.



      Greek Pilsner
      500ml | - 5% vol.



      Greek Gold Lager
      Local, fresh, unfiltered
      330ml - 5% vol.



      Greek weiss beer
      500ml - 5% vol.


      Mythos Radler

      Lemon lager
      330ml - 2% vol.


      FIX 'Anef'

      Alcohol free lager






      Greek apple cider
      4,5% alc. - 330ml

    • House wines

    • Moschato

      A light wine with a fine aroma of roses leaving a pleasant aftertaste.
      Type: White, semi dry
      Alcohol:  11% vol


      A special rose wine with a beautiful, soft, salmon pink colour, really pleasant in all senses. At the same time it is vivid, fruity, light and soft on tongue with a pleasant aftertaste.
      Rose, semi dry
      Alcohol:  11% vol

      Merlot – Syrah
      local product

      Type: Red, dry
      Alcohol:  13% vol

      Retsina (traditional Greek white wine with pine resin added)  - Alcohol:  11,5% vol
      local product

      Available in
      Glass of 125ml / 250 ml.
      and carafe 0,5 l.

    • Bottled white wines

    • EPOCH
      local product

      Type: Demi-sweet
      Αλκοόλ: 12,6% vol
      Varieties: Vilana, Muscat di Spina
      Characteristics: A pleasant Cretan wine with fruity character, from the Cretan varieties, Muscat di Spina and Vilana. Appears round in flavour with very good balance and rich body.

      ASPROS LAGOS (white hare)
      local product

      Type: Dry
      Αλκοόλ: 13,8% vol
      Varieties: Vidiano
      Characteristics: A unique white wine 100% made from the excellent Cretan Vidiano variety, matured in barrels for 5 months. Its aroma is rich in white flowers scents and citrus fruits.
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      Type: Dry
      Alcohol: 11,5% vol
      Varieties: Xinomavro
      Characteristics: From North Greece, made from red grapes called “xinomavro”. A brilliant balance of forcefulness and finesse.
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      local product

      Type: Dry
      Alcohol: 13,1% vol
      A fruity and refreshing Cretan wine made from 100% Chardonnay. Rich body, buttery and creamy wine of intense flavour, concentration and great complexity.
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      local product

      Type: Dry
      Alcohol: 12,9% vol
      Varieties: Malvasia di Candia Aromatica
      Food wine, with floral and tropical fruit flavours. Produced from Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, an excellent Cretan white grape variety.
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      local product

      Type: Dry
      Alcohol: 13% vol
      Varieties: Sauvignon blanc
      Characteristics: Cretan white wine from the excellent Sauvignon Blanc variety. With notes of green pepper and rich aromas of mango and grapefruit.
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      local product

      Type: Dry
      Alcohol: 12% vol
      Varieties: Asirtiko - Athiri
      A Cretan, summer wine, with a blend of Assyrtiko and Athiri varieties. Crispy, fresh, with a note of grapefruit and rose petal on the nose, exceptional acidity and a nice round finish.
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      MALAGOUZIA ( Ktima Gerovasiliou)


      Type: Dry
      Alcohol: 13,5% vol
      Characteristics: Excellent wine from Thessaloniki area, North Greece. With aromas of ripe fruits such as pear, mango and citrus. It is rich and balanced with lemon flavour.
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    • Bottled sparkling wines

    • BRUT
      local product

      Type: White, dry
      Alcohol: 12,4% vol
      Varieties: Vidiano
      Sparkling, local wine with a creamy foam and apple, pear and apricot flavors.
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      Type: Rose, semi-dry
      Alcohol: 12% vol
      Varieties: Debina, Vlachiko, Bekari
      Characteristics Sparkling wine with intense and fresh aromas of cherries and strawberries.
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    • Soft drinks

    • Κρήτης

      Our menu

      Zelita (Cretan refreshment with banana flavor)
      Cola / Cola light
      Gazoza, the local ‘sprite’
      Soda water
      Sparkling water
      Tonic water

      local product

      Also available:

      Table water

      Green cola with stevia  250ml

    • Fresh juices and homemade beverages

    • Healthy juices made of fresh fruits
      without preservatives.

      Freshly squeezed orange juice

      Homemade lemonade

      “Polivotano” (multi herb blend) with honey
      With Dictamus, sage, marjoram, lemon verbena, chamomile, cinnamon and cloves.

    • Hot drinks and beverages

    • Our menu

      Hot drinks from local herbs,
      handpicked from the Cretan mountains,
      with all their health benefits.

      Dictamus | Mint | Chamomile | Sage


      local product

      Also available:

      Hot chocolate

      Black tea
      Green tea


    • Starters

    • Homemade bread

      Freshly baked in our wood oven drizzled with aromatic olive oil of our production.
      local product

    • Fava

      A delicious puree of yellow split peas with spring onions and virgin olive oil.

      local product

    • Tzatziki


      A blend of Greek yoghurt shredded cucumber and garlic. Served with our freshly, wood oven baked bread.

    • Tirokafteri


      Delicious creamy blend made of Feta cheese, yogurt and spicy peppers from north Greece. Served with our freshly wood oven baked bread.

    • “Patzarosalata” (beetroot salad)

      Delicious blend of beets, walnuts, pear and green apple topped with yogurt glaze.

    • Kolokithanthi (stuffed pumpkin flowers)

      Kolokithanthi (stuffed pumpkin flowers)

      Pumpkin flowers stuffed with Feta cheese & fresh herbs, battered and deep fried.

    • Feta rolls

      Feta rolls

      Feta wrapped in flour noodles, baked in our wood oven and drizzled with watermelon sauce.

    • Stuffed mushroom

      With Cyprian Lountza (cured pork tenderloin) and Cretan Gruyere cheese.

    • Beef liver

      Sautéed with rosemary and caramelized with balsamic vinegar.

    • Gigantes

      Giant white beans baked in our wood oven, in a tomato sauce with celery, carrots and red peppers.

    • “Ktapodi” (octopus salad)

      Tender slices of octopus with tomatoes, peppers, spring onions and olive oil and vinegar dressing.

    • grilled Calamari

      Served on seasonal steamed greens and drizzled with olive oil & lemon dressing.

    • Prawns “saganaki”

      Prawns “saganaki”

      Large prawns with heads and tails on, cooked in our wood oven in tomato & ouzo sauce, with Feta cheese and fresh herbs.

    • Homemade chips ‘Tiganites patates’

      Hand cut chunky chips dusted with sea salt and oregano.

    • Patates fournou (Potatoes in the oven)

      Oven baked with olive oil and oregano.

    • Pasalimata (dippers)

      Tzatziki, tirokafteri and beetroot salad served in dips, accompanied with our freshly, wood oven baked bread.

    • “melitzanosalata” (EGGPLANT SALAD)

      Eggplants cooked and smoked in our wood oven then sliced and mixed with tomatoes, onions, spearmint, walnut, garlic and olive oil.

    • “Apaki” (Traditional Cretan cured pork)

      Home smoked pork slices, lightly grilled and served on fresh tomato slices & rockets and drizzled with grape syrup.

      local product

    • Sardines in vine leaves

      Fresh grilled sardines wrapped up in vine leaves and drizzled with olive oil and lemon dressing.

    • Melitzana (aubergine) eminse

      Melitzana (aubergine) eminse

      Baked aubergine topped with sautεed fillet steak & mixed peppers and yoghurt sauce.

    • Meze

      Octopus salad, tzatziki, tirokafteri, Cretan Gruyere cheese, Cyprian Lountza (cured pork tenderloin), baked potato, olives, cherry tomatoes and beetroot salad.

    • from the sepherd

    • Cretan Gruyere

      Cretan Gruyere

      Cretan Gruyere cheese with our barley rusk and olives.

      local product

    • Bougiourdi


      Feta cheese and ‘kasseri’ from Elassona baked in our wood oven with fresh tomato, olive oil and spicy peppers.

    • Smoked cheese from Metsovo

      Grilled and accompanied with homemade citrus sweet jam.

    • Talagani

      Talagani : Grilled Greek goat cheese drizzled with homemade spicy tomato and olive sauce.

    • Haloumi


      Baked Haloumi cheese with sundried tomato and olive oil.

    • Salads

    • Seasonal Steamed greens

      With lemon and olive oil dressing.

      local product

    • Greek salad

      Greek salad

      Tomatoes, cucumber, onions, olives, green peppers, Feta cheese from Mitilini island and olive oil & oregano dressing.

    • Grilled vegetables

      Fresh seasonal vegetables drenched with lemon & olive oil dressing and grated Manouri cheese.

    • Roubosalad (superfood)

      Zucchini, carrot, radish, cauliflower and broccoli cooked in ice and tossed with quinoa, pumpkin seeds, raisins, pomegranate and ginger – lime dressing.

    • Cretan salad

      With skin on baked potato, boiled farm fresh egg, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives, green peppers, barley rusk, local white cheese and olive oil dressing.

      local product

    • Avli salad

      Avli salad

      Mixed seasonal greens, cherry tomatoes with cashew nuts and cretan apaki, in a Gruyere local cheese crust drizzled with sundried tomato vinegret.

      local product

    • Desserts

    • Ice cream

      Made from fresh milk. Choice of vanilla, chocolate or both and a choice of strawberry or chocolate sauce.

    • Politiko

      Traditional syrupy cake base topped with fresh cream made of fresh milk and farm fresh eggs. Dusted with cinnamon.

    • Galaktoboureko


      Traditional Greek dessert with cream made from fresh milk, wrapped in filo pastry and freshly cooked in our wood oven.

    • Lemon tart "semifredo"

      Refreshing lemon cream on a crunchy biscuit base drizzled with citrus sauce.

    • Twisted chocolate tart

      Homemade rich chocolate filling, mixed with crunchy pastry, drizzled with hot chocolate sauce and topped with caramelized peanuts.

    • Bottled, rose wines

      local product
      Type: Dry
      Alcohol: 13% vol
      Varieties: Liatiko
      Characteristics: Light and refreshing, from the Cretan variety Liatiko. With floral aromas and fruity flavour.

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      Type: Demi-sweet
      Alcohol: 11,5% vol
      Varieties: Black Muscat of Tirnavos
      Characteristics: Floral aromas of rose, with spicy notes and soft aftertaste. From the variety Muscat of Tirnavos from central Greece.

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      local product

      Alcohol: 13% vol
      Varieties: Kotsifali, Cabernet Sauvignon
      Characteristics: Organic Cretan wine with fresh fruits and flower's aromas. Rich and fruity aftertaste. Made from the varieties of Cretan Kotsifali and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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    • Bottled red wines

    • EPOCH
      local product

      Type: Demi-sweet
      Alcohol: 13,9% vol
      Varieties: Red Muscat, Kotsifali, Syrah
      Characteristics: Intense ruby-coloured wine with herbal aromas and sweet taste, reminiscent of dried fruits. From the Cretan varieties Red Muscat,Kotsifali and Syrah.

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      ASPROS LAGOS (white hare)
      local product

      Type: Dry
      Alcohol: 14,4% vol
      Varieties: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
      Characteristics: A superb Cabernet Sauvignon from Crete. Its flavour is full and rich with fruity and spicy characteristics. The structure is balanced and the tannins are rich and powerful.

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      KAKO POULI (bad bird)
      local product

      Type: Dry
      Alcohol: 13,5% vol
      Varieties: Merlot, Syrah
      Characteristics: A Cretan wine with a blend of Merlot and Syrah. Light and fruity with intense raspberry flavour.

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      local product

      Type: Dry
      Alcohol: 12% vol
      Varieties: Kotsifali, Mantilari
      Characteristics: Blend of the Cretan varieties Kotsifali and Mantilari. Rich and balanced taste, round profile with long aftertaste. Characterized by dense aromas of small red fruits (blackberry, cherry) as well as black pepper notes.

      Read more ...

      1000 NIGHTS (aged 2014)

      Type: Dry, aged
      Alcohol: 14% vol
      Varieties: Agiorgitiko
      Characteristics: Organic wine from the Greek variety of Agiorgitiko, oak aged for 12 months, with exciting aromas of vanilla and a rich taste of mature black fruits, offering a truly characteristic finish. From Evia, central Greece.

      Read more ...

      local product

      Type: Dry
      Alcohol: 13,5% vol
      Varieties: Syrah, Kotsifali & Cabernet Sauvignon
      Characteristics: Local, limited production organic wine from Syrah, Kotsifali & Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. Fruity, with notes of spices and vanilla.

    • Alcoholic drinks and local spirits

    • Greek spirits

      local product

      Raki of our own produce

      in shot glass 20 ml, glass 40 ml with ice and carafe of 125 or 200 ml

      Flavored Raki

      "Rakomelo" - Honey raki - of our own produce
      Rose eaki - of our own produce
      Served with crushed ice in liqueur glass 25 ml or in Glass 40 ml with ice

      Mastiha of Chios liqueur


      brandy Metaxa 3* /5* / 7*


    • Imported spirits

      • Vodka (Smirnoff - Stolisnaya)
      • Rum (Bacardi)
      • Gin (Bombay sapphire)
      • Whiskey (Johnnie walker – Bells - Jameson)
      • Campari
      • Tia maria
      • Bailey’s
      • Amaretto di saronno

      Special drinks

      • Grey goose
      • Jack Daniel’s
      • Hennessy v.s.
      • Chivas Regal
    • Cocktails

    • Mastiha lemon drop

      Mastiha liqueur from Chios island with fresh lemon juice and soda served in a champagne glass over crushed ice.

    • StrawbeRAKI

      Refreshing cocktail made of Cretan Raki, strawberry sauce, fresh lemonade and orange syrup.

    • Ouzo Sunrise

      Greek ouzo with Smirnoff vodka, fresh orange juice and grenadine.

    • Aegean Spritz

      Metaxa, Mastiha Chios liqueur, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup.

    • Coffees

    • Espresso single/double
      Cappuccino single/double
      Americano sigle / double
      Nes cafe single/double
      Nes cafe Frappe
      Traditional Greek coffee
      Coffee with liqueur

Also available in: Ελληνικα