the family pictures

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The old family photo was a rare depiction of the family

usually taken by itinerant photographers. The photos were black and white and the ones depicted on them were usually set and did not smile at the flashlight. When they called for the itinerant photographer to take a photo, people dressed in their best clothes and shoes. Each photo showed the social, economic and political situation. The lower social classes had one family gathered taken, all in one.


The economic situation and the social status also appeal in their clothes.
There was a hierarchy in the way the persons sat. Due to the perceptions and stereotypes of the time, the man was usually seated, while the woman, who was in a subordinate position, always stood upright. If not the man, then the most important or honored person of the family sat in the middle. The rarity of photographs was due to both the high cost and the fact that professional photographers were needed to take them, while the cameras were rare, expensive and bulky.

Today the cameras are small and light with a very affordable price for the public. For this reason, the profession of itinerant photographer has now been eliminated. Everyone nowdays takes his own photos at the time and at the moment he wishes. There is no hierarchy in positioning nor a specific pose or outfit needed as they used before. Photos are spontaneous and do not necessarily indicate the social class or the level of someone’s income.


Photos – texts: Malia ladies’ club


Also available in: Ελληνικα