Precaution measures for all of us

Dear friends and customers

We are 100% committed to providing you with an amazing dining experience through our delicious food, unmatched service, and incredible hospitality. Even though some circumstances have changed, our devotion to you has not. We want you to know some of the steps we have taken to provide you with a worry-free dining experience and ask that you join us in helping to make our establishment a safe workplace for our dedicated staff and your fellow guests.

Meeting or exceeding national, local and regulatory guidelines relating to social distancing, capacity, sanitation and hygiene:


  • In combination with the planned daily cleaning, all areas inside and outside our restaurant are generally sanitized.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces every night and cleaning and sanitizing common areas and surfaces regularly throughout the day.
  • Tables and chairs have been rearranged, increasing the distance between them and restricting the number of visitors per square meter.
  • All our indoor areas are equipped with certified air sanitizers effective against 99.9% of all viruses as well as covid and bacteria.
  • Always providing clean, sanitized utensils and flatware for every guest.
  • Clean and sanitize tables and chairs after every use.
  • We have digital menus if you want to avoid our printed ones.
  • We provide sanitizer / gloves if you wish to use our printed menus.
  • Antiseptic liquids, gloves and masks have been placed in various spots inside the restaurant for hand disinfection, both of the staff during their work (serving, money management, movement within the premises, etc.) and of customers.
  • We follow strict personal hygiene measures for all staff, which include frequent hand washing and hand disinfection with an alcoholic solution.
  • We follow the instructions given by the Health Organization for the use of protective equipment (gloves, masks, face shields) depending on the work area of each employee. Our staff is constantly trained to the measures and the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • We have placed signs and markings to delimit the distance inside the store in order to avoid overcrowding.
  • Sanitation stands outside our toilets equipped with free masks, gloves, and hands sanitizer
  • We support contactless orders and transactions.
As far as you are concerned:
  • Please keep necessary distance according to signs.
  • There are antiseptic stands with gel, gloves and masks if you want to use.
  • We recommend the use of our digital price list to order and the use of a card (debit / credit) instead of using cash for payment.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, as we ramp up with all the changes!

    From 16/7 until at least 31/7, always following the state instructions and precautions against covid-19, our customers caring a vaccination certificate can be served at our indoor tables.

    Additionally, the necessary distances and precautionary measures applied are still valid.