Having our mind to a healthy Mediterranean diet,
we merged the authentic Cretan cuisine with traditional Greek dishes

... by digging up old recipes as well as by creating new ones,
based on pure ingredients,
which originate mainly from Crete and the rest of Greece.

Simple flavours, inspired by tradition but with a new look,
awaken memories, feelings and become experiences.

Our desire is to succeed in imparting our culinary philosophy
and educate our customers
so that they can search for and demand quality of raw materials,
but also continue to welcome new generations of visitors.

We knead and bake

sourdough bread

daily, which we serve with olive oil.

(from December to February with olive oil of our produce)


Being faithful to tradition

we reject the use of

microwave ovens,

standardized raw materials

and cooking techniques that are

inconsistent with our philosophy.

We only use

fresh fish, meat and chicken

fresh and seasonal vegetables

olive oil of our produce