Gluten free options

    • gluten free

      Gluten free / Gluten free options available

    • Homemade chips ‘Tiganites patates’


      Hand cut fresh chips dusted with sea salt and oregano from our garden.

    • Wood oven potatoes


      Potatoes cooked in the wood oven with olive oil, oregano and fresh lemon sauce.

    • 'Kopanisti’ from Pilion


      Lightly spicy spread made of Feta and ‘Galomizithra’ cheeses, sauteed tomato paste and spicy Kavala peppers, served with our freshly baked bread.

    • Eggplant spread (Melitzanosalata)


      Creamy mousse made of smoked eggplants and local white cheeses, sprinkled with roasted almonds and served with our freshly, wood oven baked bread.

    • Cretan salad


      Skin on baked potato, boiled farm fresh egg, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, green peppers, organic Cyprus vetch from our garden, barley rusk and ‘Galomizithra’ cheese tossed in our olive oil dressing.

      local product

      * When available we use local, organic heirloom tomatoes

    • Gigantes


      Giant white beans from Prespae area, cooked in the wood oven in fresh tomato, celery, carrots and sweet red pepper sauce.

    • Beef liver


      Sauteed and caramelized with balsamic vinegar and rosemary.

    • Our 'Tirozouli' cheese

      Our 'Tirozouli' cheese


      Cretan traditional cheese of our produce made from fresh sheep and goat milk. Served with marinated olives and our home made bread.

      * We produce our own cheese daily with fresh local milk.
      Read more here

    • AVLI chicken


      Juicy chicken breast filled with sun-dried tomato, smoked cheese and fresh thyme, covered with lemon sauce. Accompanied with fresh mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

    • Stuffed pork tenderloin


      Pork fillet stuffed with Haloumi cheese, cooked in Mavrodafni sweet wine with plums and raisins. Served on mashed potatoes with glazed vegetables.

    • Colorful salad


      Mixed seasonal leaves with pumpkin seeds, raisins soaked in brandy, pomegranate seeds and ‘Mizithra’ cheese balls coated in mixed nuts. Drizzled with balsamic – honey and pomegranate juice dressing.

    • Avli salad

      Avli salad


      Mixed seasonal greens, cherry tomatoes, cashew nuts and cretan apaki*, in a Gruyere cheese crust drizzled with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.

      * Apaki: Traditional Cretan cured pork marinated with spices and vinegar and smoked with Cretan herbs.
      Read more herelocal product

    • cretan aged Gruyere

      cretan aged Gruyere


      A local 12+ months traditionally aged Cretan cheese. Served with our marinated olives and barley rusk, sprinkled with olive oil & oregano.

      local product

    • Osso Buco beef


      Tender beef shank slice, slow cooked in a fresh tomato and seasonal vegetable sauce. Served with fresh mashed potatoes.

    • Grilled Talagani

      Grilled Talagani


      Talagani : Grilled goat cheese served with homemade spicy tomato jam.

    • Salmon steak


      Fresh salmon steak cooked in lemon sauce, accompanied with baby potatoes and glazed seasonal vegetables.

    • Stuffed pork chop

      Stuffed pork chop


      (500 gr.)

      Lightly marinated in olive oil and fresh herbs, stuffed with traditional "San Michali" cheese from Siros island and dried figs soaked in Metaxa brandy.

    • Grilled Haloumi


      Topped with organic rocket from our garden, and homemade grape vinaigrette.

    • Pork shank

      Pork shank


      Tender and juicy, slow cooked with Cretan pasta, (skioufihta) in a fresh tomato and mixed peppers sauce, and topped with home made Tirozouli cheese.

    • Melitzana (eggplant) eminse

      Melitzana (eggplant) eminse


      Tender steak slices sauteed with tomatoes and mixed fresh peppers, layered on roasted eggplant with yoghurt sauce.

    • Souvlaki (500 gr)

      Souvlaki (500 gr)


      The famous Greek dish with marinated chunks of chicken or pork, skewered with tomatoes, onions and peppers. Served with warm pita bread and spicy sauce made of fresh, red pepper.

    • 10oz. Sirloin steak


      Tender sirloin steak grilled the way you like it and glazed with fresh herbs aromatic butter.

    • 10oz. Aged Ribeye Steak


      Home dry aged Ribeye 300 gr., grilled to perfection, full of flavour and very tender.

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