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    • Starters

    • Homemade bread

      Homemade bread

      Freshly baked in our wood oven drizzled with aromatic olive oil of our production.
      local product

    • Fava

      A delicious puree of yellow split peas with spring onions and virgin olive oil.

      local product

    • Tzatziki


      A blend of Greek yoghurt shredded cucumber and garlic. Served with our freshly, wood oven baked bread.

    • Tirokafteri


      Delicious creamy blend made of Feta cheese, yogurt and spicy peppers from north Greece. Served with our freshly wood oven baked bread.

    • “Patzarosalata” (beetroot salad)

      Delicious blend of beets, walnuts, pear and green apple topped with yogurt glaze.

    • Feta rolls

      Feta rolls

      Feta cheese wrapped in 'kadaifi' (flour noodles) baked in our wood oven and served on tomato jam.

    • Pasalimata (dippers)

      Pasalimata (dippers)

      Tzatziki, tirokafteri and beetroot salad served in dips, accompanied with our freshly, wood oven baked bread.

    • Kagianas

      A traditional recipe with a mix of scrambled eggs, fresh tomatoes and ‘soutzouki’ (traditional sausage made of lamb, beef and herbs), topped with grated Feta cheese and served on toasted homemade bread.

    • Stuffed mushroom

      With sundried tomato, Cretan Gruyere cheese and ‘soutzouki’ (traditional sausage made of lamb, beef and herbs)  

    • Homemade chips ‘Tiganites patates’

      Hand cut chunky chips dusted with sea salt and oregano.

    • Patates fournou  (Potatoes in the oven)

      Patates fournou (Potatoes in the oven)

      Oven baked with olive oil and oregano.

    • Pumpkin balls

      A mix of pumpkin, feta cheese and fresh oregano, deep fried and served with aromatic yogurt dip.

    • Gigantes


      Giant white beans baked in our wood oven, in a tomato sauce with celery, carrots and red peppers.

    • “Apaki” (Traditional Cretan cured pork)

      Home smoked pork slices, lightly grilled and served on fresh tomato slices & rockets and drizzled with grape syrup.

      local product

    • Beef liver

      Sautéed with rosemary and caramelized with balsamic vinegar.

    • Homemade sausage

      Our own recipe fresh pork and beef sausage mixed with ‘stamnagathi’ (wild local greens) and smoked Μetsovone cheese.

    • from the sepherd

    • Meze

    • Cretan Gruyere

      Cretan Gruyere

      Cretan Gruyere cheese with our barley rusk and olives.

      local product

    • Talagani

      Talagani : Grilled Greek goat cheese drizzled with homemade spicy tomato and olive sauce.

    • Smoked cheese from Metsovo

      Grilled and accompanied with homemade citrus sweet jam.

    • Grilled Haloumi cheese

      In skewers with cherry tomato, mushrooms and zucchini, drizzled with ‘petimezi’ (sweet syrup made of grape juice).

    • 'Tirilogia' - a trilogy of Greek cheeses

      Grilled Manouri, Haloumi, and Talagani cheeses served with roasted cherry tomatoes and lemon chutney.

    • Salads

    • Seasonal Steamed greens

      With lemon and olive oil dressing.

      local product

    • Grilled vegetables

      Fresh seasonal vegetables drenched with lemon & olive oil dressing and grated Manouri cheese.

    • Cretan salad

      With skin on baked potato, boiled farm fresh egg, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives, green peppers, barley rusk, local white cheese and olive oil dressing.

      local product

    • Avli salad

      Avli salad

      Mixed seasonal greens, cherry tomatoes with cashew nuts and cretan apaki, in a Gruyere local cheese crust drizzled with sundried tomato vinegret.

      local product

    • Cake salad

      Cake salad

      Green salad with caramelized nuts, fresh tomato chutney and balsamic syrup.


Also available in: Ελληνικα

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