Malia in Crete

Malia is a small town in the Heraklion prefecture.
It is well-known for its horticultural products, its picturesque windmills, the wetland with rare flora and fauna,
and the clean beaches with clear blue waters.
Malia is also well-known for the Minoan palace of King Sarpedon, son of Zeus and Europe,
which is one of the three largest palaces in Crete.

Today, it is a cosmopolitan, tourist center with wonderful hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and souvenir shops.

The main occupations of its dwellers are tourism and horticulture.

The town of Malia combines the modern and the traditional element.

These two different aspects of the town are separated by the main road. The old village is located to the south of the main road, with its picturesque streets that maintain the traditional rhythms. To the north of the main road, where the new part of the town is located, the visitor can have fun at the bars, clubs, cafés, and restaurants.

Wandering through the alleys of the old village the visitor will be able to admire traditional buildings (recently renovated with the help of the Sarpidonistas volunteers and village dwellers), churches (some of which date back to the Venetian occupation), and also visit traditional taverns and restaurants which are renowned for the quality they offer, and thus making Malia one of the most qualitative gourmet destinations in the region.

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The crypt of pessoi, in the west side of the palace

Old Malia

"Afentis Christos"