‘Katsouna’ – the Cretan shepherd’s crook

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In the mountains of Crete lives a tree, Ampelitsia …

a relative to elk in danger of extinction. Shepherds’ crook in Crete are traditionally manufactured with its wood.
The Cretan crook or else ‘Katsuna’ was an integral part of the body of the Cretan. Elders but also young Cretan shepherds kept a ‘katsuna’ to help them walk and climb to mountain areas where they grazed their animals, staying there for days.  It was a precious tool for carrying their lunch and water prepared at home or clear their path on the mountain, help capture the animals or during wartime an arm against enemies.
It is used up today from many Cretans shepherds, mostly elder ones, symbolizing at the same time Cretan pride and tradition.

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The secret of the cretan shepherd’s crook … comes with the moon!

The game of fire and wood make the perfect crook

«Όλα τα ξύλα του βουνού
δε μοιάζει το’να τ’ άλλο

το να κάνουν εικόνισμα
και κάρβουνο το άλλο».

(All the wood in the mountain
don’t look alike one another
with the one an icon is made
charcoal with the other)

«I look in the forests for the perfect straigh wood. In Marathos, Damasta, Yeni-gave, Agridia, Apladiana, in Vosako… I enter the woods and cut whichever I like most”

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Also available in: Ελληνικα