Homemade “Tirozouli” cheese

Tirozouli – “Tir-o-“: cheese, “tiro-komo” (verb): to make cheese, “-zouli”, “zoulao” (verb): press

This traditional product of Crete has its roots in mythology. Remember Amalthea (the goat that raised the Cretan Zeus), whose horn still symbolizes abundance today!

The milk of Cretan sheep and goats today is processed in a traditional way, but in modern facilities, which gives excellent quality cheese. In addition, the animals of the island are free roaming to graze in the mountains and at the seaside, this is why their milk gets an additional flavor.

Tirozouli” is a delicious homemade cheese, which is rarely found on the markets today, but is still made at homes. In the AVLI restaurant, we get our supplies from local shepherds and every day, we make our own cheese, with fresh sheep milk, and with a lot of love and passion!