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    • from our wood oven

    • Lamb with Gruyere cheese, in foil

      Slow roasted fresh lamb with Cretan Gruyere, tomatoes, fresh herbs and potatoes.

    • Oxtail in gastra

      Cooked in tomato sauce with vegetables and served on fresh mash potato.

      *gastra is a ramekin pot with lid.

    • Gigantes (giant white beans) in gastra


      Cooked in fresh tomato sauce with celery, carrots, red peppers and our homemade sausage, ‘stamnagathi’ (wild local greens) and smoked Metsovone cheese.
      Available also as vegetarian, without sausage.

      *gastra is a ramekin pot with lid


    • από τον ξυλόφουρνο

    • Pork shank (for 2)

      Pork shank (for 2)

      Marinated and slow cooked in tomato sauce accompanied with handmade Cretan pasta and topped with grated Manouri cheese.


Also available in: Ελληνικα