Cretan ‘Apaki’

“Apaki” is a particularly delicious Cretan pork,

raised and prepared with love and in a special way.

It is a traditional, natural product, which contains no preservatives. It gets its particular taste thanks to the choice of good raw materials, quality vinegar and the wonderful aromatic herbs of the fertile lands of Crete.

The preparation of apaki originated from times when people needed to store meat while there were no refrigerators.

Our apaki is made from the thigh or neck of a pig. We season the meat with salt and pepper, sprinkle it with cumin, sage, oregano, throumpi and thyme, and marinate it for 24 hours in excellent wine vinegar. Then it is hung in a smokehouse where it is slowly smoked with branches of olive, cypress, orange, etc., and of course with aromatic plants, which give it its good taste.


Enjoy it at your table!