Our own early olive oil

Early olive oil is the natural juice from crushing unripe – unwrinkled olives retaining the green color and aroma of the fresh fruit. It is rich in all the valuable ingredients of olives – antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and provitamins, polyphenols and therapeutic substances – but also up to 5 times higher in content than a Read more about Our own early olive oil[…]


Coming to the end of our summer season we would like to say a big thank you, for your love and support. We truly appreciate and are grateful for your help in learning new things, improving what we knew and getting strength and new ideas for the future. Thank you for being a part of our Read more about A BIG THANK YOU FROM US![…]

Selected dishes with organic ingredients

  WE ADDED TO OUR MENU DISHES THAT ALLOW US TO USE INGREDIENTS COMING FROM OUR GARDEN   ‘Dolmadakia’ With aromatic yoghurt dip € 4,80 ‘Kolokithanthi’ Stuffed zucchini flowers filled with a blend of local cheeses and basil. Deep fried in a crispy batter. € 5,00 Stuffed ‘kadaifi’ Shredded pastry (kadaifi) stuffed with pastourma (cured Read more about Selected dishes with organic ingredients[…]


  We would like to introduce some of our new additions to our selected wine list for the summer 2022 season. We hope you will like them as we do ! A trail blazer for Cretan standards in wine making… From the delicate white Vilana variety, an impressive smoked white wine. A golden yellow wine Read more about VILANA FUME[…]

Νο1 Moussaka in Malia, by restaurantguru

Avli in Malia Restaurant Guru 2022 We joyfully received this latest award and we feel honoured! Moussaka is a classic greek dish, a light mixture of aubergines, courgettes and potatoes, with minced beef sauce covered with Bechamel sauce. If you haven’t tried it yet, you suggest you should!    

Festive dishes for the Christmas period

We love Christmas and we love spending time with family and friends, enjoying delicious food and precious moments. In AVLI we have prepared selected festive dishes for the period, with Greek flavour, adding something ‘symbolic’ to our menu to bring you more than a nutritional satisfaction – which is always important. Come to try them Read more about Festive dishes for the Christmas period[…]

Homemade “Tirozouli” cheese

Tirozouli – “Tir-o-“: cheese, “tiro-komo” (verb): to make cheese, “-zouli”, “zoulao” (verb): press This traditional product of Crete has its roots in mythology. Remember Amalthea (the goat that raised the Cretan Zeus), whose horn still symbolizes abundance today! The milk of Cretan sheep and goats today is processed in a traditional way, but in modern Read more about Homemade “Tirozouli” cheese[…]

Our raki

Our raki (or Tsikoudia) is traditionally homemade using old methods After crashing the grapes to make wine, the rest of the pulp is stored until the small distilleries open and start producing the ‘raki’. It is a high quality distilled product with the aromas and the flavour of the Liatiko variety. Liatiko is an indigenous Read more about Our raki[…]

Cretan skioufihta pasta

“skioufihta”: the Cretan traditional, handmade pasta

Skioufihta are the local pasta – handmade, delicious, cooked in different ways according to your taste The main ingredients are wheat flour, water, salt and a little olive oil. They have a cylindrical shape and are not made with a classic dough roll like many other fresh pastas. Their name “skioufihta” or “skioufikta” comes from Read more about “skioufihta”: the Cretan traditional, handmade pasta[…]


We pay great attention to our cultivation of strawberries   *the plant can easily take all the elements of its environment (soil, water supplies and others) and the strawberry has a tendency to easily retain pesticides. Our strawberries are grown on our estate in the region of Vitsilia in Malia, without any use of pesticides Read more about Strawberries[…]

rocket leaves


Rocket is an excellent tonic and extremely healthy green It protects against osteoporosis, obesity and cancer. It cleanses the blood, removes cholesterol, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, lowers blood sugar levels, stabilizes metabolism and therefore helps in our effort to lose weight. Our cultivation of our rocket comes from our field in the area Read more about Rocket[…]

cherry tomatoes

Organic cherry tomatoes

The cherry tomatoes we use are organic and of various varieties, such as cherries, acorns, etc. Our main supplier is the certified organic farmer Vassilis Kavvalos that cultivates them in the village of Agios Vlasis, Heraklion, with a lot of passion and special attention, so that they are always delicious and healthy. We also cultivate Read more about Organic cherry tomatoes[…]

Our heirloom ‘buffalo’ tomatoes

Our heirloom tomatoes come from an old and forgotten variety of Crete “psomontomata”   that is cultivated organically – using his own, kept seeds for us – by a certified organic farmer, Vasilis Kavvalos in Agios Vlasis village. The difference from other varieties is at colour (pink), shape and unique flavour.

farm fresh eggs

Farm fresh eggs

Most of the eggs used in our kitchen come from our chicken coop in our farm in Vitsilia, Malia. Real free roaming eggs, from chickens living in a natural habitat and under the best conditions; grazing at the grass field, under the Greek sun and clean air, eating natural and organic food.

Our new video

An impressive and atmospheric video production by Videographer Nick Deris (NicPa Productions) visually transferring you to our restaurant and our avli (yard)

“Philotimo”, the Greek secret

Leading Greek-Americans Explain Why Hellenic Excellence Throughout History May Result From The Uniquely Greek Word “Philotimo” Arianna Huffington,George Stephanopoulos, Bob Costas and Greek Orthodox Archbishop of America Demetrios are among the nationally-known Greek-Americans who appear in video titled The Greek Secret produced by Manatos & Manatos for the Washington Oxi Day Foundation. The video suggests Read more about “Philotimo”, the Greek secret[…]

Cretan diet

Greek culinary, with the variety and quality of its materials, with its wise, beneficial combinations and centuries of knowledge, enjoys a privileged position in the global taste culture. Greece is characterized by the numerous islands and the intense relief of the mainland. This morphological variety creates “worlds inside a world”. Common characteristics are the excellent Read more about Cretan diet[…]